?Who are we

Recycles is the trade name for the commercial and marketing activities of OR Cycling Ltd. OR Cycling is the exclusive importer of Cannondale and Charge bikes and the sole distributor of Niner bikes in Israel. OR Cycling's goal is to bring together to the Israeli consumer with a range of leading bicycle brands with an emphasis on technological innovation, uncompromising service and with an understanding of the changing market conditions and customer needs

At the heart of OR Cycling's operation, stands an innovative and unique Online/Offline sales concept which is called the Recycles method. The Recycles method consist of an advanced e-commerce website www.recycles.co.il and a nation wide chain of Recycles branded shops. The site offers a wide range of products imported by OR Cycling, providing the costumers with prices and special offers reserved only for online purchases. The products purchased online can only be picked, at the Offline side, at one of the Recycles shops 
OR Cycling supports athletes and Israeli cycling teams as an integral part of its commercial activity. The company provides sponsorships for athletes and selected teams with an emphasis on young athletes